About Me


Cherie Grinnell

      Welcome to my page! I write romance novels. Sometimes I leave the bedroom door open and let things get steamy. Sometimes I close the door on the characters and focus more on the romance.

In the steamy category I have a series I like to call American chicks with Brits and Micks because I enjoy a bit of armchair travel with my romance.

The first in this series is a series within a series called the Selkie Series set in Dublin.           The first book Girl with an Expiration Date finds an American English professor, Amanda, meeting an Irish independent filmmaker, Des.

The second book, Love Across the Pond, follows the trials and tribulations Amanda and Des face during a long distance romance.

The third and last book in this series Love and the Happily Ever After will be available summer of 2015

In the Chicks with Brits series, Pairings, set in Wales is the story of American chef, Rose, and Welsh hotelier/sommelier, Ty.

I am currently working on a historical western with the working title Margarita and the Hired Gun.

Also in the pipe is a mainstream romance novel, which so far in untitled, and a work of fiction with a strong thread of romance running through it.

This last novel is based on quest story themes. All the characters in this book set in Newfoundland are on a quest of one sort or another, only some of them don’t know it. I play with pulling in hints to other quest stories such as the Odyssey and The Knights of the Round table. It’s working title is Patrick the Third.


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